To Solve a Problem Begin with Accepting That It Happened

Have you ever felt like everything’s tumbling down on you? You know the feeling. There’s a problem. No one understands you. Friends try to help the best they can but you still need a weight to be lifted off your shoulders. There have been times where I have felt like I am about to be without someone. Then it hits me that they will hold my hand all the way.

As tough as these times can be, it’s important to reach out to those who are willing to help you. Whether it be a friend, family member, partner etc. Listen to them like they listen to you. At times you may feel that there’s really only one person you can talk to.

Put that one person in your head right now

Is there a person you tell anything and everything to? But there have been occasions where you have been scared to tell them something?

I have been there. Everyone experiences different levels of worry, fear, and upset. But if you can find yourself to speak to someone, you’re one step closer to removing those negative thoughts. It is not healthy and it sure is not worth it. You can give yourself a headache, be less responsive to events occurring around you, and find yourself lost in your own little world.

Most of the time to always, there is someone who knows when something if bothering me even if they do not know the exact reason As much as they want to help you, sometimes you will tend to say everything’s still ‘okay’. Is it really okay when you are pushing yourself into a corner and stressing around in circles to the point of no mend?

Facing your fears can help the problem

The thing is, facing your fears is scary, and otherwise you would not class it as a fear. And fearing how a person could react to something who is closest to you, is one of the most frightening things on earth for me.

Loving someone comes easily but the thought of changing their perception of you is terrifying. However, if you just be you, they will fall in love with you all over again each day (as I am beginning to realise). This is of course, if you stay as the person that they fell in love with, inside and out.

Conquering your fears brings out such a positive energy in ourselves that we feel like we are on top of the world. Conquering my fears, making improvements on my weaknesses has gave me the confidence and self-assurance that I have needed to maintain my goals. I am facing step one of many in my career.

That aside, I have travelled a wonderful and self-changing relationship with my boyfriend. We have both grew independently as well as together as a couple. He has given me the boost I have needed to believe in myself a lot more and go for whatever comes my way. Likewise, I reinforce his accomplishments and hope I make him realise every day just how proud of him that I am.

Danny reassures me that I’m not the problem

He is well and truly amazing. You might wonder why a lot of my writing focuses around him and my grandad. This is because they are two of my biggest inspirations in life. As strange as it might sound to some people, Danny’s loving nature and mannerisms bring my grandad back to life.

They are both present in my life. And I think that in a way, they have met, because Daniel has given me some of the most precious memories that my grandad would have expected him to, especially as he always took me on adventures and wanted me to have the best in life.

Daniel remembers the little things that makes me smile and goes the extra mile to realise how important someone still is in my life even though they never met. My grandad will know that he is the one I want to travel and explore the world with.

Life will always throw problems

Reflecting on such experiences, remember that it is okay to make mistakes. This does not mean to say that you should commit wrongdoings to an extreme. When you can look someone in their eyes and they look right back at you after all of the tears and dread in your heart that they will run mile, you can be surprised.

Not everyone is going to hate your flaws like you do.

Try to accept what has happened. Remember that when you are truly sorry for something you are not proud of, to take the opportunity to realise that you are only human. Some people make bigger mistakes than others.

Not everyone can forgive or forget. But when someone forgives you, do not take their love and friendship for granted. You’ll be on your way to solving the problem.

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