The Qualities of a Best Friend According to My Best Friend

Last year on my twenty-first birthday, my best friend, the one and only, Faye Boyd decided to combine thoughtfulness and creativeness for my present that year.

What made it even better was that she came up with twenty – one reasons why we are best friends. She put these together onto a black frame with a collage of photos of the two of us during our years of friendship. She even placed a photo of Daniel and I in there because she knows how much I love him.

Everyone knows I love colourful things and Faye made the twenty-one reasons on different pieces of coloured card.

We all have friends who come and go in our lives but between the two of us, we have always stuck together through the happy and sad times. We try our best to encourage each other at our weakest times and promote each other proudest moments.

Faye wrote ’21 Reasons Why We’re Best Friends’

  1. You understand when nobody else does
  2. You go the extra mile when I need help
  3. You make a great comedienne and laughing partner
  4. I can speak my heart to you and you won’t walk away
  5. I know I can look a scruff around you
  6. We can talk for hours about nothing and everything
  7. You know how to make my day
  8. We keep each other informed about the latest gossip
  9. You always welcome me with a warm hug
  10. Even when we are miles apart, I know you’re there for me
  11. Shopping with you is fun – we always find a bargain!
  12. You understand my moods very well
  13. Time flies by when we’re together
  14. You care for my happiness
  15. You read me like a book
  16. You are selfless and giving
  17. I can call you anytime of the day
  18. Your shoulders are always there for me to lean on
  19. We accept each other the way we are
  20. You have faith and bring out the best in me
  21. And the biggest reason is… You are you and no one could ever take your place

Isn’t she the sweetest? Make sure your best friend knows how much you love them!

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