Are You in a Happy Relationship Right Now?

A happy relationship is what a lot of us look for. But I like to think that the best relationships develop when you aren’t looking for them. Take me and Danny for example, a friendship which grew to something so much more before we even knew it.

You know what works for you. I never knew how relationships worked. I had only ever had the examples of relatives around me. It was the norm that, my friends had more experience at the relationship world than me.

Everyone’s happy relationship is different

Some people have casual relationships, short-term relationships, or long-term relationships. Mine is an everlasting relationship of love. Some people say that nothing can last forever but I truly believe that by keeping what Danny and I have, it can be our forever and always. Like I said, ‘our forever and always’ because what we have is ours and if it works for us, then who needs the opinions of those who think otherwise?

To call a relationship perfect can seem rather sentimental to some. However, it is possible to have a relationship that is perfect for you, maybe not in other people’s eyes as they do theirs differently. That’s okay though. We are all our own people after all.

We all want different things

We all have different needs, and we all view things differently. As much as we may agree with so many things with our friends, there is one person who you know is your most reliable person to go to. Can you think of yours right now?

I never knew what love felt like – in terms of being in a relationship with a man. However, now I do. It is the most amazing feeling and one which I will never take for granted. People will not always agree with the decisions that you make or be on the same level of your thinking. It is your relationship with the person you are with – not theirs.

It’s your relationship

When someone asks you what you look for in a person in order to be attracted to them, or make you fall in love with them – I have never really had an answer of certainty. This is because I had never been in love before.

Also, the person you dream of being with is not always the person you expected them to be when you are with them. In the past, I made the mistake of wanting to be noticed. It did not lead me in any direction to true happiness. I was not living a life for me, but the person who I thought I had to be.

With Danny, I can be myself. In fact, he has shown me that I can be myself in front of anyone. We listen, we care, we trust, and we respect each other. Believing in each other is what makes us so compatible and the way in which we have both been frightened to open up to each other, but eventually did. Some things have taken time but it has been one of the best, happiest moments as I have seen myself grow from a girl into a young woman.

Just do what makes you happy

Be with who you want to be with. If it turns out that it was not meant to be, do not stop smiling, you will find your path. I did not look for my true love. I have found that things can happen when you least expect them you and you should conquer your fear or letting someone truly love you.

When you experience that moment in life, you will see that someone takes a lot of pride in you, from the smallest things to the greatest.

Remember, a relationship is for two people not just one. Equally encourage and share each other’s happiness.

What are your thoughts?

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