Surprise Someone Who Means Something to You

This week has been a stressful one for my boyfriend as his first exam of his final year of university was approaching, on the day of his birthday. This was yesterday and his exam was in the morning, which is must better than last year when one of his exams took place in the late afternoon into the evening.

Daniel worries so much over the things which he should not, the things which he has so much potential for but does not realise it and most of all, for everyone to be happy.

Luckily, the topics which he studied thoroughly on appeared in his exam and he answered all the questions confidently. I was happy for him as this can give him the boost he needs in order to believe that he carries on trying and does his best, he will start to feel proud of himself.

I have told him that grades, whatever he gets is going to be amazing but the main thing is that, I will still see him in the same light. That same light being, the man I love today and every day for who he is and what he does. Achievements are always something which I am very fond of for anyone but for Daniel it is extra because his pride in me is always equally returned.

Now, as surprises go, I really wanted to surprise him. I have done this before such as baking a cake on his last birthday and planning a trip to London before Christmas two years ago.

Last year, Daniel surprised me with a trip to Paris including tickets to Disneyland Paris. You can image my excitement and those who know me seen it before and afterwards.

This moment in time (5th May 2016) was about Daniel. Although he had an exam, I still wanted to make his day as special as possible. We spent the evening with his sister and her fiancé. There was chocolate cake involved of course and brownies, which was a bonus.

But before this, Daniel had met me outside of work. Prior to his birthday, I had said that I would not bring his card to work with me and I was worried about what to get him. However, to his surprise, I took his birthday card out of my handbag and handed it over to him explaining that his present what at home and I should have left the card at home after all.

Little did he know that inside the card was another envelope. “Oh someone must have put that there” I tricked.

Then my face said it all. I could not stop smiling and he knew it was not just ‘a little something’. He noticed that it was holiday related and asked, “Where are we going, Tash?”

For your information, we are going to Portugal next month. As much as said we were not going away this year, I just felt that we really needed a break in the sunshine. I originally planned for 2-3 nights away but a week seemed perfect with the location and amenities.

It was not about the price of the gift or how big of a size that the gift may seem. It was about giving Daniel something to look forward to with everything he has going on. Especially as his exams will have ended before we go. It felt good to see him so genuinely shocked as he was so sure we was not going abroad this year. What is more, he is glad I did this as he now believes that we really do need the holiday.

He surprises me every day in the way that he can teach me something new – most of all, to weigh out the positives that you are surrounded by.

I always want to look okay especially when I have met new friends of his and I always want to be able to get along. You do not always get the reaction from people who you would wish for, no matter how hard you try.

But what makes this whole experience different is that, I never needed to try with Daniel. He actually noticed me – he acknowledged by strengths, he seen that I’m not the most popular one of the group, he seen me at most timid times and my most drunken. He took the time to get to know me and in turn, I let him in. I let confided in him.

I hope today that I will continue to be the happiness of Daniel. It does not have to be the majority but an amount that he knows is there when he feels like he is falling down and needs someone to help him.

It is crazy how some people believe that opposites can clash whilst others believe that opposites attract. I really do believe that Daniel and I have similar natures. It comes from something more than growing up in the same area and attending most of the same educational institutes together. Opposites can attract, however, Daniel and I are lucky to share the same nature and love each other just as much as the other.

The tiniest disagreements and different moods (mostly because one of us is hungry or tired) are nothing when you consider the love and support we have for each other.

No one understands how happy it makes me to see Daniel – whether it is a rainy day or a day full of sunshine. Sunshine gives us something to smile about but there can often be something more right in front of you. To have someone put their arms around you after a dull day or even a happy one, it makes me smile.

I have recognised what is there. Some people don’t. It is unfortunate for the people who try but receive nothing back. Do not try to force something to happen, the happiest time are the ones that happen naturally and be the ones that surprise us.

I thought Daniel would be bored with me after two weeks (yes I know, he proved me wrong over three years later). I have had the fear of disappointing him and asking the wrong questions. But after everything that we have experienced together, I could not be more thankful and glad for everything we have shared. Laughs and cries combined show someone the real you.

For someone to love you at your strongest and your weakest is truly amazing. And to feel this as that person does not try to change you feels even more special.

What are your thoughts?

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