Motivation Is Easier for Some Than It Is for Others and Here’s Why

Motivation is easier for some than it is for others. As motivated as some of us can be, there are still times where we can lose that feeling to keep on going. Without a doubt, there can be frustration along the way, especially if you’re not getting to where you want to be. Eventually you will get there though.

This comes from someone who had nineteen job interviews after university within the space of seven or so months. I’m happy but once June hits me I’ll have to start applying again as I’m on a temporary role.

Below are some tips that could the start of your motivation.

Believe in yourself

You can receive a push from others such as family as friends but you will not be able to be truly motivated until you believe in yourself. Sometimes, finding whether you do believe in yourself can be tricky as the task you are focusing on is not always for you. But no matter how hard it gets, try to keep optimism on the upper scale. You are the one doing this – this is for you.

Remember that everyone falls

Something will get in your way at one point or another in your life. It’s how you stay motivated in order to tackle those obstacles. Even the people who thrive from new challenges know that they need to stay motivated to achieve their aims to their best of their ability. If something or someone tries to knock you down, stand up and show them you can get back up again.

Don’t let the success of others get you down

You might have tried harder than others. You might have attended all of the extra support classes, or meetings at work. But they still seem to be able to be better than you. This is where you need to stop and think, did they really let anyone else stop them? No they did not. We should celebrate each other’s success in order to build our own. You can find inspiration from others.

Adapt your own methods for motivation

Some people like listening to music whilst others enjoy complete silence. Whether you need to get that presentation right at work for your boss or you have an upcoming exam, find what works best for you. And this means giving yourself plenty of time beforehand in order for time to flow smoothly.

You find an area outside which helps you to concentrate. Books might inspire you. Find your own planning and organisation techniques. Mine start from mind maps to loads of notes, which no one would probably understand other than myself.

Tell yourself that you deserve it

After all the debates in your head – perhaps they are more worthy of the position/grade because they have more qualifications and experience? And I should mention that they do not always attend class but manage to scrape those high marks. No. This is not the way to go. I have done this plenty of times and there will be scenarios where you feel like this is constantly the way.

However, until you stop thinking these things, your head will not be mentally prepared to deliver all of the good things about yourself. This goes for an interview, exams, coursework etc.

Whatever you achieve, you should be proud. Whatever grade or place you are at, you made these good things happen. If you do not yet see the good, just be patient. Wherever you are today, it is never too late to wake up one morning and find that motivation if you do not already have it.

5 thoughts on “Motivation Is Easier for Some Than It Is for Others and Here’s Why

    1. Thank you 🙂 I have just read your post and I love it – especially the ‘take a shower’. You’re right in saying that some people do not understand how much it can help and how refreshing it can be. I can relate to all of your points 🙂

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