My Top 6 Things From My Childhood Nostalgia

Childhood nostalgia – it’s always fun to look back on the things we used to love. If they still exist now, we are lucky to still enjoy them. However, the same cannot be said for other things. For example, the development of our internet connections. I am sure that we can all agree, it’s much more efficient nowadays.

Remember those sweets you got every time you went to the corner shop? It’s a shame the prices have increased so much now, especially for the greedy people like me! It means you’re reluctant to purchasing as many. Take a look below at some of my most memorable experiences and childhood fascinations of mine.

Inflatable bubble chair

How great were these? I actually found a similar looking chair online today – there was an image of an adult in one too. How good is that? Maybe one day I will be able to purchase one again. Or maybe I should face the fact that I am not my five-year-old niece.

Nintendo 64

The best game console ever. I was addicted like I am sure many of you were. Super Mario 64 was one of my personal favourites. The enjoyment of exploring Mario’s world – being introduced to a 3D aspect. From saving a penguin to avoiding getting burnt in lava. Both frightening and fun.

Of course there’s Mario Kart. Being able to experience the different tracks and racing at the same time. I was so competitive. Last year, Mario Kart was in an arcade on holiday and there was no hesitation about playing it. So I did and I came first. Woo!

10p mixes

The eggs were my most much-loved sweet. Remember the fruit salad and black jack sweets? Oh how yummy – but the black jacks just were not for me. I’d be scared of my teeth falling out now too. Oh, and those white mice and milk bottles.

We’re still blessed to see that fizzy cola bottles and fizzy dummies are popular today from the mix. But the question is, where is it possible to buy a 10p mix from anymore?

Tom and Jerry – the original ones

I’m not as big of a fan of the cartoon now as I was then. With the appearance and voices of the characters being different it’s just not the same. I’m like Jerry. I always felt teased and wound up by my brothers when I was younger.

Who would have thought that a cat and a mouse playing so many tricks on each other and getting up to mischief would be so entertaining? I just wish that we would have got to see the face of the woman who owned the house.


Time for Teletubbies. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po! I wanted to eat tubby custard, tubby toast with the smiley faces on. And I wanted to have a friend like Noo Noo. Seriously, all of you Teletubbies fans would have seen how much they ate. I also loved the sun that appeared with the baby face, both opening and ending the show.

Everything about the show always made me smile. My mum still has mugs stored in the kitchen cupboard with the characters faces on. Why? Because they are the Teletubbies! I am not ashamed to admit that I got a little too excited when it was announced that Teletubbies would return to our screens this year.

Dance mats

I won’t lie, I wanted to be a pro. I couldn’t dance to save my life. But I still thought I had talent if I could manage to keep up with the highest level. From 5, 6, 7, 8, I thought I was a member of Steps mastering their music video moves – to Video Killed the Radio Star… and Mucho Mambo.

Dance mats would annoy the life out of my dad because I would be stomping around on them too much in my bedroom. Meanwhile, he was trying to watch television downstairs. They were also fun to play on at arcades, like the times when Grandad used to take us on trips to Pontins with my friends.

There are still many, many more but that’s enough of the childhood nostalgia for now. It’s making me miss my childhood all over again.

In the meantime, here is the Teletubbies song for you to have a laugh at.

What are your thoughts?

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