Looking Towards the Future Come Rain or Shine

The future can be scary but it can also be exciting. Recently I have noticed that for many people having a baby is a key example. Many friends and people I know of are experiencing this. The thought can terrify one person as they do not feel prepared physically and emotionally; whereas another cannot wait for their little bundle of joy.

When that time does come, it often seems to be the case that, the person who was worried has now mastered the parenting life or at least are trying their best to. For a moment, you take away your financial worries and cherish the love you have for your child/children.

New experiences

Take being offered a new job for example. The thought of entering a whole new employment world, meeting new people and adapting to new tasks can be nerve-wracking. On the other hand, you can take the perspective that it is a door opening to a whole new future.

Regardless if you enjoy the role, you learn your strengths and weaknesses. You learn what kind of environment is best for you and when you’re in the right place for you, you can look forward to the future – progressing with more responsibilities job wise and outside of work.

This leads me onto the subject of moving out. My boyfriend and I plan to so do in the near future. It could be sooner or later than we hope. Nevertheless, as much as the thought used to daunt me of moving out from living with my parents, I have someone by my side to share the journey with. As with everything else I have achieved in the past three years. I no longer feel scared. I feel excited more than anything. Come rain or shine, we approach what life throws at us together.

The future

And now, you’re probably wondering that there are more things that ponder upon us. Yes, you’re right, there certainly are. The future can give the expected just as it can give the unexpected. Whether it be losing something or someone so dearest you while achieving your dreams that you never thought you would obtain on the other side of the spectrum.

There is nothing that can replace someone but it is almost as though they are sending you a gift to show you that good things can happen. Yesterday, I did not think a shopping trip in preparation for moving out would find me in a shop buying a large rug discounted in the sale to £1. Perfect. I also happened to find myself with many other bargains on my lookout.

Okay so this does not sound like a huge, life changing example but it matters to me. I enjoy the small things in life as well as I appreciate the positively big things that can impact your future. The day shown me that, even though I was not prepared to pay a particular amount for a bin as you store rubbish in it (seriously, this a valid point), there are things which will surprise you on the way and make it all the better.

The examples only cater for a few things in life but they are real. Big or small, events impact everyone differently. The point I’m trying to make is that, there is a lot you need to do in many situations. As hard and time-consuming as things can be which in some cases, they can seem to take over your life, there’s always something that shines on the other side.

What are your thoughts?

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