How It Feels to Have Found My Voice in Writing

Some people may think that, writing is always easy. You look through it to adjust some words and phrases and then you are done. Well that’s not true. There are days where my mind will go blank. This does not mean to say that I do not enjoy what I do. I take my notepad and I write down as many ideas as I can think of. Ideas that can create small or longer posts, it does not matter. Some of the littlest plans, can become the greater end piece.

What I love about writing

Today, I did the exact of the above. Towards the end of my shift at work, I took my pen and notepad jotted down an idea, then another came into ahead and so on. For anyone else that does this will know that you appear to have pages of ideas waiting to be written about. Some of your audience will prefer a particular post in comparison to another. That is always going to happen.

What I love about writing the most, more than actually getting a piece finished, is knowing the effort that I have put into it. At times, ideas do flow more regularly through my mind. This is expected as it depends on how hectic/or not in most cases that my day has been.

To be honest, today felt like a long day even though it was not as busy as others have been but I was still determined to get some writing plans and final pieces finished which I have (this blog post and an article due to be published later next week). Regardless of whether I develop professional in the writing industry or continue to blog, I will always enjoy it. The entire process gives me a sense of satisfaction on a regular basis. You can creative as you want.

Create your own happiness

You can create your own mood. You can offer your own advice. It is fair that some people will not always agree or find your stories inspirational. But you should stick to what works for you. If you feel inspired about something – write about it. The same goes for if you feel like you have a lot to discuss on a particular topic, whether it be a celebrity or something historic in the medieval era. Your writing, your choice.

As many of my readers will know, I have found myself in writing. Not only do I write about experiences, ‘top ten lists’, survey results, family life etc. I thoroughly enjoy writing about awareness subjects. Both raising awareness and fundraising are interests of mine and I am sure that I’ll always follow these types of subjects. As with today, I came across an email from a petition I signed, which lead to creating an article for the online magazine that I am currently contributing to.

Follow what you believe in

Of course, I will also follow other preferences of mine, which include popular culture and the analysis of different media platforms. On a personal level, I will continue to develop my posts which relate to the influence that experiences have had on my life.

People ask me what I write about. I used to worry that I did not have one particular theme. However now, I have realised that, having multiple topics to write about is my factor. In turn, from choosing to argue particular cases which have had a significance in my life, to analysing a film I enjoyed/did not enjoy, I am doing what works for me.

The other day I wrote a poem. Yes, a poem. I have not have blogged one before this occasion but a sudden “Why not?” popped into my head. It turns out, I received more audience interaction than some of my most read posts.

To those who do not understand your journey, that is okay because it is yours, not theirs.

2 thoughts on “How It Feels to Have Found My Voice in Writing

  1. I love this! Writing a blog, primarily, is for you as opposed to the reader. It is however a way for the reader to “know” and connect to you by the way the express yourself through your writing. You’re fortunate to have both work & pleasure in your writing.
    And btw! The poem was awesome! 😉 x

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