The Mind of a Worrier

I am definitely a worrier but I hope to work on that. Have you asked yourself ‘what if’ too many times? I have. It is okay to admit that you’re guilty of this. You’ve spent too much time worrying – and most the time you wonder why you ever did.

You’re bound to question things when you’re worried

And you are most certainly entitled to worry about something/someone you care about. So how do you overcome these thoughts that are overpowering your mind?

You’re letting your past control your life. This is not healthy and it certainly does not lead to a happy future. However, you can change that possibility. With a less fearless and anxious mind, you will feel slightly more at ease with life’s decisions and know how to tackle those challenges in a better way.

Consider the two questions listed below – put yourself into a situation in which you have worried about. Then, read the ideas which have been included and reflect on them in order to help you make a start with lowering your chances of an anxious mind.

You ask yourself, “Could I have done that better?”

Sometimes, you do not realise your potential and you have more intelligence than you think. However, of course, other occasions can be different. For example, perhaps you remember a more worthy answer after a job interview has already taken place.

Or maybe, you did not handle a situation very well. We have all experienced this. Nothing ever happens perfectly as perfect as it may seem from the eyes of others. If you are sorry for your actions then show remorse. If you feel you deserve another chance to prove your efforts and potential, then try to make your reasoning valued.

Today, look at yourself. Did you achieve those goals in the end? If so, do not be so hard on yourself. You’re achieving and you are going to be successful if you stay determined. On the other hand, if you dwell on something that you could have made better but did not, then you have to own up to that one. Your happiness often lies in your own hands.

You wonder what others think about you

Someone might not like you but why should their thoughts add distress to your life? People are going to make you look like a fool, more than once in your life. Your points may never be proved.

They know how to rattle you. Let them. It’s annoying isn’t it? But what’s more annoying is the fact that you have figured them out – and they know it. Regardless of whether people think you/they are right, you know the truth.

There’s two ways here, you are either lying to yourself; or they still look like the innocent one in the picture. That’s okay. You should carry on with your life and let them deal with their false perception and their false happy life that they are living.

Also, you may feel embarrassed about something. We have all experienced this too. In my eyes it’s normal – on certain levels of course. You’ve fallen off your chair in class. Or on a more serious note, you’ve felt weak when seeking advice from the totally wrong person. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Learn to maintain the strengths and work on your weaknesses.

A smile can hide so much about a worrier

You might think I am someone who is smiley and happy every day. Oh I do try to be. But there are days that bother me (75% probably should not). So, as I have figured that most are not worth the worry, I try to take a relaxed approach where possible. Now more than ever, I aim to focus on my emotions. I tell myself to think about my reactions and how to take positives from a situation wherever there are going to be negatives.

Of course, some of life’s events can challenge your attitude. Instead, you can try to defeat those silly thoughts. You don’t know how it’ll work out until you have tried different approaches first.

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