The Reality of Advice and Guidance

Are you good at giving advice but not so good at taking it? For instance, you’ve been a shoulder to cry on and given advice but when it comes to returning the favour, you’re lost.

You still seem to surround yourself with your own thoughts. You can hear tonnes of advice from your best friend but your negative thoughts overpower their guidance.

Why? This is because you believe in other people more than you believe in yourself. You need to start having some will power to stay determined and believe in your own abilities. The worst thing you can do at this point, is to compare yourself to other girls/boys your age. They are doing their thing, you do yours. You will figure that you are much better off. And without a doubt, you will see a different perspective on life.

For some people, it is much easier to worry about the negative possibilities rather than outweighing them with the positives. The truth is, there is always someone worse off than you. You have the chance to better your thoughts. You can escape from the torture that you are giving yourself.

Oh, you are probably thinking about particular people right now and wondering why they have got everything right. Everything looks so right and perfect.

There are two possibilities, they have experienced a whole lot of challenges to be where they are. Maybe it was heartbreak, financial issues, losing someone. But they have done it.

The other is that, their perception on the outside is not the real feelings that are beating them up inside. They choose to display happy emotions instead. They might have their own ways and people to turn to when things go wrong instead of letting it affect their emotions in public. It seems unluckily for you when this cannot work for you. But you can find your own path. You might have to walk in a few in the wrong direction to begin with.

This is your life after all – live it your way. You deserve happiness. You deserve success and more certainly, you deserve the right to be you. Regardless of anyone else’s opinions.

Surround yourself with the positives. You are still aware of the obstacles but surely it is worth a try?

Obstacles face us all from time to time – more to some than others. Do not let them test you. You either overcome them or you just let them fade. Not everything is easy in life. To achieve, you have to really focus and you cannot focus with a negative mind.

You need to start relying on your own thoughts. You can make something good of them. Do not believe that you can’t. It might take longer than you wish but it is going to be worth it.

Now, it is your chance to turn it all around. Do what is good for you and maintain a happy state of mind. You still might worry from time to time but that is in your nature.

See what works for you.

2 thoughts on “The Reality of Advice and Guidance

  1. I was always terrible at taking my own advice that I gave others. I’m trying to turn that around though and actually live what I believe and live what I say.

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