14 years ago, granny was taken away but remains in our hearts forever. She is loved and missed every day and I thought today is as good as any day to tell you why her and my grandad are my brightest shining stars at night.

When I was younger and in primary school, there was no stress.

There were tears – however, that was only on occasions such as, when I had fallen in the playground. The cuts and bruises were only something small.

My mum would give me some Germolene cream for my grazed knee and of course, we all used to be given a wet paper towel for those injuries in school.

I enjoyed school and some people would mock me for that. I loved Mathematics and English especially. Art was always fun too. But of course, the times I looked forward to the most were the weekends and the hours after school on weekdays.

Yes, I was excited to watch television as soon as I arrived home. And back then, children’s television was the best. I wonder if I could do that, I would think to myself whilst watching Art Attack. Or I would laugh non-stop at my favourite cartoon, Tom and Jerry.

Now, thinking about that programme, granny and grandad used to always put the Cartoon Network and Boomerang channel on. That’s only one piece from a flood of memories. One weekend, my mum and dad went to Blackpool for the weekend.

So, granny and grandad doing what they do best, organised an exciting trip for my brothers and I that same weekend. Where were we going you might ask? Well, they took us to Blackpool – it was only fair after all!

However, my mum did not see the fun side when she returned home to find that we wasn’t at granny and grandad’s house. All was okay though as we eventually got in touch with one another and I can honestly say it was one of the most special memories I hold in my mind ever since.

Also, there’s another thing which I might get laughed at for amongst many others. I loved to play shop and pretend I was at the post office from time to time (okay, I’ll admit, pretty much every time I entered granny and grandad’s house). It was their fault after all because I used to copy what they did when they did those things in real life.

Although, granny wasn’t always keen on playing and grandad used tell her to join in. Despite this, granny was still playful. She used to sit me on her knee and sing a song when I would suddenly fall to the ground. It always made me smile. My mum will remember the name of it.

Obviously, you can tell that my grandparents always tried to fill not only our weekends but our lives with fun.

I’m glad that I was a part of their wedding. I’m glad that I grew up with such loving, generous and kind-hearted grandparents. The amount of laughs and fun times were endless. Unfortunately, there were times that could not be helped though.

You’re only seven years old. You know something’s wrong after visiting granny on several occasions at the hospital, when the visiting stops. You’re not allowed to go anymore. Your dad buys you and your brothers some Burger King and sends you to your auntie’s for the night.

All of those conversations when the nurse/doctor gets your mum to the side for a private discussion. What’s happening? Are they letting mum know that, granny is going to be okay?

The night passes and I wake up to a knock on the door.

“Woo there’s dad!” I thought. So, our auntie Helen told us to come downstairs as dad was here to take us home. But to our knowledge, we did not expect what was coming our way. We walked through the front door into the living room.

There were a lot of people sat around. Mum had something to tell us. She sat me on her knee just like granny always did. Everyone looked so distraught. At that moment, mum told us the heart-breaking news. It was not until I entered the kitchen and seen my grandad alone, sobbing his heart out that, this was real to me.

No longer would I enjoy bus rides with granny to the shops. I won’t be able to hear her sing to me anymore. Who do I tell everything to now when I don’t want to tell my mum and dad? So, I looked at my grandad again.

And that is when I knew we all had to try to stay strong. It is the most difficult thing to do. But once I heard granny singing in my head and smiling, it helped a little.

I struggled though. I returned to school and unknowingly were the teachers aware that I did not learn my part. This was not like me. I got shouted at for it. And then one of my friends explained the situation to my teacher as I was too blanked out and frozen to do it myself.

All of her memories are so very precious to us all and I will keep hold of all the photos that I have along with the very last thing that she bought me. A little pink cushion. I even kept the tag from it because granny used to collect them as memories too.

What are your thoughts?

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