If You Can, You Should Give Blood and Here’s Why

Do something amazing, give blood! Today, I was looking forward to donating blood for the first time as I registered to do so 4 weeks ago. I sat in the waiting area after reading my welcome pack and drank plenty of water.

Around 20 minutes later, I was called in to go through my questionnaire.

This was to check that everything was confirmed and it was safe for me to donate. As soon as the consultant said, “I think I know the answer to this one but I just need to check with the nurse”, I knew something was wrong.

It did occur to me that during another question relating to my height and weight. He also wished to speak to the nurse. As far I’m aware, I’m not overweight. And I’m definitely not underweight. I assumed my weight of around 54kg and being 5ft 4 inches was healthy, right? However, this was not the problem. Unfortunately, due to having a blood transfusion when I was a baby (resulted from being 3 months premature), I wasn’t eligible to give blood. Therefore, I’m unable to make any blood donations. This includes bone marrow. Nor will I have the chance to do so in the future as I’m permanently against the criteria.

Do something amazing, give blood.

I just wanted to “do something amazing”. That being, returning the favour for the gift which I received to save my life. Without the blood transfusion, I wouldn’t be alive today. I was sad to hear that I couldn’t do something as amazing as someone did for me. However, I realise that I can stay content with knowing that someone helped me. There are thousands of people every day who donate their blood, Anyone who can do it, really should consider it. You’re saving lives. And you’ll also feel better about yourself for making such a big difference.

It turns out my doctor was wrong to tell me that I would be allowed to

Even though he was aware that I had a blood transfusion from being born. My mother has also had a blood transfusion, two in fact. And I’m glad we both have each other. So again, for anyone who could save the lives of other people like someone did for us, why not give blood?

Despite my situation, I’m extremely proud of my boyfriend, Daniel. He made his 10th donation this afternoon. Also, I’m happy knowing that I still have my fundraising event ahead. And hopefully they’ll be more in the future to raise money for premature babies and early deaths.

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